Boom Brothers Pokie

One of the most favoured aspects of any pokie is the fact that they can be entertained while still being rewarding. It is for this reason that pokies were first introduced within land based casinos and why they continue to maintain their popularity within online casinos such as the best New Zealand casino sites. Such is the case that they are considered to be the best New Zealand casino pokie games. However it is understandable that it may seem overwhelming at first when it comes time to selecting the pokies which best suit players’ needs and desires. Therefore within this informative website, the right amount of information is being provided on some of best and popular individual pokies.

The Boom Brothers pokie is considered a best casino game due to the fact that it combines the features of a video slot as well as the graphics and animation to entertain at the same time. The main difference between a video slot such as the Boom Brothers pokie and a classic slot machine is the fact that it includes a series of slightly more complex animation and interaction than the classic fruit machines. It is for this reason that developers such as Netent have created a series of games such as the Boom Brothers pokie which can only be found online and only among the best casino sites. Comprising of three rows and twenty bet lines, the Boom Brothers pokie enables players to select from a series of lines and five bet levels in order to achieve the highest wins at a coin value which suits them the most. However it must be noted that in order to achieve these high wins, players must be prepared to bet the high. Therefore, being a Netent creation, Netent have ensured that the Boom Brothers pokie has included the max bet option. This option will allow for an automatic and immediate spin at the top bet level and lines. But this is not all that the Boom Brothers pokie has to offer to its players. Apart from the standard features of any Netent video slot (such as free spins, scatter wins and wild substitutions), the Boom Brothers pokie also provides a series of features which are exclusive to this particular game. These include the second chance feature, railtrack feature and off course the mini off the reels bonus game. But before being able to describe these features, one must understand the concept on which the Boom Brothers pokie was designed. As is the case with all video pokies, each and every one of them is based on a particular theme which the reels and characters revolve around. In the case of the Boom Brothers pokie, the theme involves three dwarf brothers whose main goal in life is to blast their way through rock faces in search for precious stones. Therefore in this case it is up to the player to help these boom brothers to uncover the gems they are looking and therefore reap the benefits with bonus coins. Among the symbols which one may find hidden with the Boom Brothers pokie reels include lanterns, axes, busts of the dwarf brothers and helmets and many more. The highest payout is made with the combination of the brothers’ busts while the lowest is that of the lanterns. However for further information on this, players may refer to the paytable to be found within the Boom Brothers pokie.

The Boom Brothers pokie free spins may be obtained when three or more free spin symbols appear randomly on any of the reels. When this occurs, the free spin symbols will rotate on their own axel to reveal the number of free spins won. These are then totalled and the free spins will begin automatically. This amount of free spins during the Boom Brothers pokie may vary between eight and a maximum of fifty. But no matter the total number of free spins, one must note that these are played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated them in the first place. Therefore it is once again recommended that players play the maximum possible bets. Additional free spins may also be won during this Boom Brothers pokie feature when the free spin symbols re-appear on reels 3, 4 and 5. On the other hand, the most entertaining and fun feature to gain is that of the Boom Brothers pokie railtrack which may lead to the bonus game. In this case, the railtrack symbols must appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. When this happens, the symbols will then turn into a track for one of the brothers to pass into the bonus level. But should this not occur, the player of the Boom Brothers pokie may still gain a series of bonus amounts. If only three tracks appears, then the winnings will be tripled, with two pieces, the winnings will be doubled and should the railtrack be completed, the player will receive four times the bet plus enter the Boom Brothers pokie mini off the reel bonus game. Once this occurs, the players playing the Boom Brothers pokie will be diverted to a separate screen and the fun may commence.

The mini bonus game involves three tracks upon which are the boom brothers waiting within their carts to reach the rock face. Each track leads to a precious stone either being gold, diamonds or rubies. At the bottom of the screen three carts will appear. The player of the Boom Brothers pokie will need to select one of these carts in order to reveal any one of the above mentioned three precious stones. The boom brother with the corresponding precious stone will move up to a maximum of three steps. It will take a maximum of five steps for any one of the carts to reach their stones. The first cart to then reach the rock face will reveal a series of bonus coins won. These in turn will be totalled and added to players’ balances before they are diverted back to the main game.