Devils Delight Pokie

The main reason for the success of any New Zealand casino site is due to their ability to provide players with the best New Zealand casino pokie games in the industry. In order to do so, these casinos will collaborate with a series of game providers whose designs and software are particularly structured in order to provide a user friendly and perfect form of game play. Therefore thanks to such creators as Netent, players now have a vast choice of some of the best casino game series in the online gaming market. But how is one to choose from this long list of pokies? The answer is simple and it lies within this informative website.

The Devils Delight pokie is one such mentioned video slot which has grown in popularity not only because of its high percentage return to players but also because of its entertaining nature. The reason for this is due to the fact that Netent has ensured each and every one of its pokies (such as the Devils Delight pokie) utilises state of the art graphics, high quality animation and fun sound effects. These form part and parcel of the unique and exclusive nature of such pokies and can therefore make the selection process of such games that much easier. Another reason for the Devils Delight pokie being so popular is due to its dramatic theme. Each one of the industry’s pokies are based on a particular storyline which enable players to have an idea of what the video slot is all about. In the case of the Devils Delight pokie, as its name suggests, is based on a series of cartoon like devils which are reaping havoc in the world of the living. A Devils delight pokie player’s goal is to try and get rid of as many of these little devils he can by achieving a series of bonus rounds and winning combinations. In order to do so, players would need to start off by placing the appropriate bets by selecting the bet lines and bet level they wish. Comprising of five reels, three rows and twenty bet lines, players are able to select from this wide variety with simple clicks of a button. However as mentioned earlier, in order to achieve the highest wins, players must be prepared to make the highest possible bets. Therefore in order to make this selection easier, players are provided with the max bet option found within the Devils Delight pokie. This option will automatically trigger the maximum bet lines of twenty at the maximum bet level of ten (at the pre-selected coin value selected manually by the player). Once this has to be done, all winnings will be in direct proportion to this bet. But this is not all that the Devils Delight pokie has to offer its players to achieve big wins. Thanks to its video slot characteristics, the Devils Delight pokie also includes a number of features with are both standard and exclusive to the game. Among these are included free spins, scatter wins, expanding wild substitutions and a mini off the reel bonus game called the soul reaper followed by the sin spins.

The Devils Delight pokie free spins are achieved when three or more scatter symbols in the form of a devil appears anywhere on the reels. In order to activate the spins, once these symbols appear, a player must click on any of them in order for them to reveal the total free spins won. In fact these Devils Delight pokie free spins may range between seven and seventeen. However there is the possibility of winning further free spins during this Devils Delight pokie feature when two or more scatter symbols re-appear. With each consecutive win, the multiplier will then begin to increase for the chances of reaching a maximum of five times the bet. All free spins are however played at the same bet level and lines as the initial bet that triggered them. At the end of this Devils Delight pokie feature, all wins are then totalled and added to players’ balances before continuing onto the main game. On the other hand, the Devils Delight pokie bonus game is activated in a somewhat different way. In order for this to occur, players must spin the reels and reveal the bonus symbols anywhere on reels 3, 4 and 5. When this happens, players will be diverted to a separate screen which will show a series of cartoon like characters and a list of sin. The main objective of the player in this feature of the Devils Delight pokie is for them to match the sins correctly with the characters. With each successful math, the ‘soul’ of that character will be added to what is called the soul-o-meter and bonus coins will be awarded to the player. Once the feature has ended the collected soul will remain within the soul-o-meter for forty eight hours from the last spin. All bonus coins are then totalled and added to the balance of the Devils Delight pokie and players will be diverted back to the main game once all matches have been completed. However this feature does not end here. Once the player has managed to collect fifteen souls within the soul-o-meter, this in turn will activate the Devils Delight pokie sin spins. The player will receive a total of ten sin spins and all wins are based on the average bets used when winning the souls in the bonus game. Therefore once again it is suggested to make the highest possible bets during the Devils Delight pokie as the more one bets the more wins will be obtained during the sin spins.

It is understandable that the above mentioned information may seem overwhelming at first however there is a solution in order to allow players of trying out the game within necessarily logging into a casino account. This solution is referred to as free mode. This mode will allow players to practice and acquaint themselves with the game beforehand with a substantial amount of free credit allocated to them by the casino. Thus with the ability to activate any possible feature available, players will not know what to expect when playing the same game in real mode.