Jack Hammer Pokie

The greatest advantages that any online casino can offer its players is the ability to play some of the most exclusive, original and best New Zealand casino pokie games in the industry from the comfort of their own homes. This is the main reason why so many such casinos in New Zealand have managed to flourish the way they have. But it is not only the list of games available but also the quality of such games. Therefore the best casino New Zealand casino is the one which can offer a series of video slots which comprise of features and graphics beyond expectations within a rewarding environment. In this section of this informative website, the right amount of information shall therefore be provided on one such pokie which has been deemed the best casino game in its category. We are talking of course of Netent’s Jack Hammer.

The Jack Hammer pokie is by far the most sought after video pokie of its generation. Having been created by one of the leading online gaming software providers in the industry, a large range of features, state of the art animation, and crisp graphics have been added onto the Jack Hammer pokie in order to ensure a worthwhile experience. Players will on no doubt be entertained, awarded greatly and pleasantly surprised by all the Jack Hammer pokie has to offer. Comprising of twenty five bet lines and three rows as well as fifteen independent reels, the Jack Hammer pokie allows players to play at the twenty fixed bet lines at a bet level ranging from one to ten. This is all made possible by also including a coin value which players see most fit depending on their form of game play. However it must be noted that in order for players to increase their chances in winning large sums within a short period of time, they must consider playing at the highest level possible. This will entail them to use the max bet option which is available and can be seen at the bottom of the Jack Hammer pokie screen next to the ‘spin’ button. This is a standard option feature available to all Netent video slots. However the Jack Hammer pokie also offers original features which cannot be found in any other game. But before being able to describe such features, one must first understand the concept of the Jack Hammer pokie. As is the case with any video slot, each one of them is based on a particular theme which makes the game stand out in more ways than one. In the case of the Jack Hammer pokie, the storyline is based on a private detective by the name of Jack Hammer whose goal is to defeat the evil Dr Wuten. It is therefore in the best interests of all players of the Jack Hammer pokie to help him defeat evil and achieve bonus amounts in the process. Among the symbols and characters which one may find among the Jack Hammer pokie reels include Jack Hammer himself, Dr Wuten, a damsel in distress, a paper boy, runaway car, telephone, news bulletins and many more. The combination of any one of these symbols during the reel spin of the Jack Hammer pokie will award the players with various large amounts. More information on such payouts is present within the paytable during the Jack Hammer pokie main game. But this is not all that the Jack Hammer pokie has to offer. Apart from the standard video slot features such as free spins, scatter wins and wild substitutions, the Jack Hammer pokie also offers exclusive features such as the Sticky Win feature.

To begin with, the Jack Hammer pokie sticky win feature may be automatically activated when the spinning reels reveal a winning bet line or three or more free spin symbols. Once this feature is triggered, the reels with the winning symbols will remain stuck in their place while the rest of the reels will re-spin in the hopes of gaining more wins. For as long as more of the same symbols re-appear, the re-spinning will continue to take place. Once no more wins are achieved, then players are diverted back to the Jack Hammer pokie main game. It is thanks to this Jack Hammer pokie also that the free spins may reach up thirty. The method in which this is made possible is when five or more free spin symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The number of free spin symbols will then in turn determine the number of free spins won. With five free spin symbols, the Jack Hammer pokie player will receive ten free spins; with six symbols the player will receive fifteen free spins, with seven symbols, the player will receive twenty free spins; with eight symbols the player will receive twenty free spins; and with nine or more symbols, the player will receive the maximum of thirty free spins. But no matter the total number of free spins received, players must note that the same bet level and bet lines will be taken into consideration when they are played. Any winnings which are then in turn achieved from the free spins will be tripled in accordance to the bet played, totalled and then added to players’ balances before they are returned to the main Jack Hammer pokie screen.

The theoretical return to any players of the Jack Hammer pokie is that of 97% which means that players have a large chance of winning no matter the amount of bets placed. However there is much potential as regards the rate of winnings for the player. So much so that this particular game has grown so much in popularity that Netent felt the need of creating a sequel to this particular video slot called Jack Hammer 2. No matter the number of times this game is played, there are always new and improved opportunities available to them. However should a player still have doubts as to the effectiveness and advantages of this particular game, they may go ahead and try it out for themselves in the free mode option available in countless of the best New Zealand casino sites.