Live Casino Blackjack

As the years pass, the need for online communication has progressed in such a way that purposely developed industries have come to depend on such technology. One such example is the online gaming industry. With the increasing difficulties in travelling to land based casinos, online game play has been introduced in order to avoid such issues. So much so that players from all over the world can now access their favourite table and card games with one simple click of a mouse button. Taking the example of the best New Zealand live casino, the best casino game of blackjack can now be played with actual live dealers directly from the internet. In fact it is thanks to this ability that a best New Zealand casino can be defined as so.

Blackjack has always been and remains to this day one of the most sought after and most played card games in casino history. Therefore it was only a matter of time that with the development of online casinos that live casino blackjack was also introduced. However one must note that there are various versions of live casino blackjack that may be accessed by online players depending on the casino selected. There are two main versions of live casino blackjack whereby players can play with live dealers from within a land based casino or a casino studio. But no matter the form in which it is presented, one thing remains certain about live casino blackjack and that is the fact that players will be playing in real time and following the same rules and regulations of the game as if they were sitting within a land based casino themselves. However before being able to describe the method of game play of a live casino blackjack, one must first understand the standard rules and regulations of the game. To begin with, in order for any player to win successfully during a live casino blackjack game, they must achieve a hand of a twenty one value or at least a higher value than the dealers without exceeding those twenty one points. Therefore in order to calculate the value of any hand during live casino blackjack, one must consider the points of each and every card dealt. In live casino blackjack, an Ace which is by far the most important card, is values at either eleven or one point depending on the player’s decision or the cards which follow. The number ten card as well as all picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) are valued at ten points each while all other cards are added according to their face value (i.e. a number five card will be valued at five points, the number two card will be valued at two points and so on and so forth). Once these basic rules have been understood, the game of live casino blackjack may commence.

As mentioned earlier, the live casino blackjack transmission may be brought forward in one of two ways; either from a land based casino or a casino studio. This will all depend on the collaboration the online casino has with the live casino blackjack provider as this will also slightly change certain rules of the game. Should a casino such as New Zealand casino collaborate with a land based casino, there is no limit to the total number of players who may play the same live casino blackjack game. However the decision making process determining how many cards a player holds will be made by the dealers and not the players themselves. The reason for this is simple. The live casino blackjack game in this case will disable players from being able to communicate with the dealers thus allowing for the dealers to make the decision making on behalf of the player by following strict rules and regulations. These rules include the fact that no cards will be added to a hand which is of a total value of eighteen, while one more additional card will be added to the hand should it add up to a total of seventeen points. On the other hand, live casino blackjack which is transmitted from a live casino studio will limit to the total number of players joining a single game, thus giving more of a one-on-one communication opportunity between the online player and the dealer. In this case with each hand, it is up to the player to decide whether or not he / she would like another card added to the hand in order to make a successful blackjack. A complete blackjack in the live casino blackjack game would include two cards of an Ace and either a ten or picture card adding up to twenty one points. But not matter the form in which the live casino blackjack game is displayed, the dealing process remains the same. Before entering the live casino blackjack online screen, players would need to log into their online casino account in order to play the game in real mode. The reason for this is simple. In order to add to a real casino feel much desired by online players, the live casino blackjack game may only be played with real money and not in practice mode. Thus players would need to enter their account and select from a series of live casino blackjack tables on which they wish to play. Each one of these tables will differ according to the minimum and maximum betting limits aloud. It is important that players then follow these rules in order to have an honest and fair game.

Upon entering the online live blackjack game screen, players will receive an immediate transmission where they will be able to view all the goings on from the dealer’s side. As this game is played in real time, none of the games are pre-recorded and thus players may join at the beginning of any game. After transferring their cash into chips, players will then be given a certain amount of time to place their bets on the blackjack imitation table. Once this time has expired, the dealer will then begin to deal the cards and the game will commence.