Live Casino Roulette

Roulette is a game which was first introduced in France in the 18th century and has ever since become the main attraction of any casino. Therefore it was only inevitable that once online casinos were developed in recent years, roulette would be the first table game to have been adapted to suit online play. There are various types of roulette games which can be found among such casinos but it is by far the ability to play with actual real dealers from the comfort of one’s home that has caused this online game to gain the popularity it has. Online casinos such as the best New Zealand live casino and other best New Zealand casino sites have collaborated with a series of land based casinos and casino studios in order to transfer a live feed of dealers over the internet thus making this the best casino game in the history of online casinos. Although it is understandable that there may be players who have never experienced this form of game play, this informative website shall be providing the necessary information on what to expect when playing live casino roulette.

Live casino roulette may come in various forms whether via a land based casino or casino studio but the rules and regulations of the game have remained the same. More often than not, live casino roulette is based on European roulette with a single zero figure. This means that the setup of the live casino roulette table will be exactly the same as that found within a land based casino. But before being able to commence playing live casino roulette one must note that there are a set of online rules which would need to be followed. To begin with, in order to gain access to any live casino roulette (whether it is within a best New Zealand casino or otherwise), players would need to log into their online casino account beforehand. The reason for this is due to the fact that these casinos wish to bring forward a real casino environment whereby players can only play live casino roulette in real mode. This would entail players to create an online casino account and top up their account through a variety of deposit methods depending on the best New Zealand casino website through which they have registered. Once this has been done, players may proceed to entering the best New Zealand live casino section in order to access the live casino roulette. Here they will find a series of tables from which a set of table limits have been setup. Players would need to choose the particular table of the live casino roulette based on the maximum and minimum betting amounts they desire. Once they have done so an additional screen of the live casino roulette will open up to reveal one of two live transmissions; that from a land based casino or a casino studio. The main difference between the two in relation to live casino roulette is the communication barrier between the online players and the dealers. In the case of a land based casino transmission, players would not be able to communicate with the actual dealers due to the fact that these same dealers will be playing with land based players also. This in turn will allow for an unlimited number of online casino players to play the same game of live casino roulette. On the other hand should the transmission be taking place from within a casino studio a certain amount of communication will be allowed more often than not through live chat. Depending on the New Zealand casino, the number of players who may play the same live casino roulette game may vary. But no matter where the live transmission is coming from, players will have a clear view of the entire goings on from their computer screen. From this point onwards the live casino roulette game will take place as any roulette game found within a land based casino.

In order to understand how to play live casino roulette one must first understand the basic rules and regulations of a standard roulette game. As mentioned earlier, most live casino roulette games are based on European roulette which means that the setup of the table will include the numbers from one to thirty six and the single zero (0). The live casino roulette will open up a screen whereby players will be able to view the live transmission as well as an imitation tableau upon which they can place their bets. On this betting table of live casino roulette players would need to first transfer their account balance into chips. Once this has been done they are then given a specific amount of time to place their bets on the table. There are two forms of live casino roulette bets which can be placed on the imitation table; inside and outside bets. Inside bets consist of all bets which are placed directly on the numbers provided either as a straight up (on a single particular number) or split between a series of aligned numbers. However must note that the more the bet is split between numbers the less odds one has. The other form of live casino roulette bets are the outside bets. These bets can be placed on a series of options found around the circumference of the table. These are generally grouped numbers either being all reds, blacks, odd or even numbers. These are the types of live casino roulette bets which produce the less odds but may be utilised in forms of live casino roulette strategies. Either way the player must place their bets within the given period of time. Once this time has expired, no more bets will be accepted for the live casino roulette game.

From this point onwards, the game will be taken over by the dealer and players may simply sit back and view the ball spinning with the live casino roulette wheel. Once the ball has landed on one of the numbered slots in the wheel it will reveal the winning number. If the player has placed any form of bet on that particular number, the winnings will be allocated to the players’ accounts. These winnings may in turn be transferred, cashed out or played depending on the player’s discretion.