Scarface Pokie

Netent – Net Entertainment – is one of the leading producers of the best casino games in the online gaming industry. So much so that casinos among the best New Zealand Casino have collaborated with such creators in order to bring forth to their players the best imaginable experience. This is such the case that the New Zealand casino developers ensured that each one of their pokies is of a unique standing and exclusive in its own right.

One of the best motion pictures ever made has to be by far Scarface. There are few people who have not heard of this movie but there are even less that have not experience the Scarface pokie. Based on this tremendous production, the Scarface pokie brings to life the characters and scenes on a whole new level. Although this is in fact the best New Zealand casino pokie, there is much which can be obtained from the Scarface pokie apart from great wins. Comprising of five reels and twenty bet lines, the Scarface pokie forms part of what are considered video slots. The Scarface pokies gives players the chance to select from a series of bet lines and bet levels (of up to ten) at a coin value which suits them the most in order to perform their preferred game play. However it is the max bet option which is of the utmost importance before spinning the reels of the Scarface pokie. The reason for this is simple as the more players bet the higher their winnings. This is a move which is most recommended in order to take advantage of the best play during the Scarface pokie. But this is not all that the Scarface pokie has to offer its players. It is thanks to the Netent design that all video slots are made up of standard features such as scatter wins, wild substitutions and free spins. But in the case of the Scarface pokie, there is much more which can be activated during its game play. To start with, the Scarface pokie includes exclusive features which are unique to this game alone and these include the Scarface pokie stacked wild, nudge spins, and mini off the reel bonus game. Among the various characters which can be found within the Scarface pokie reels include Tony Montana, Manny Ribera, Elvira Hancock, Frank Lopez and Alejandro Sosa. These are among the most important characters within the motion picture itself. So much so that with the combination of such characters within the Scarface pokie, players are guaranteed high wins.

The Scarface pokie stacked wilds and wild substitutions come in three main forms as they will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. A Scarface pokie stacked wild will substitute all other symbols in the hopes of gaining winning bet lines except for the stacked wild symbols themselves. When only a partial part of the Scarface pokie stacked wild appears, this will automatically transform into a standard wild substitute. However should these Scarface pokie symbols appear in their entirety on either reels 2, 3 and 4 they can activate a series of additional features: Nudge spins, the bonus game and free spins. For further information on the possible combination wins these wilds can produce, players of the Scarface pokie may refer to the pay table which is located within the game itself. When a fully visible Scarface pokie stacked wild appears on reel 2, this will automatically trigger the Nudge Spins. These Scarface pokie nudge spins will begin to automatically activate the reels to re-spin while the symbol nudges one step down after each spin. This gives a second chance for players to win. There is also the possibility however for these same nudge spins to activate the other features during the Scarface pokie. But it is important to note that these nudge spins are played at the same bet level and lines as the bet which activated them in the first place. On the other hand, the free spins are activated when the Scarface pokie stacked wild symbol appears in full on reel 4. This will automatically and immediately generate fifteen free spins. Once again these spins are played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated them. Any winnings obtained from the Scarface pokie free spins are tripled then totalled and added to players’ balances. Just as is the case with the Nudge spins, the Scarface pokie free spins can also generate the other additional features thus allowing for more wins. Finally the third additional unique feature of the Scarface pokie is the mini off the reel bonus game. This bonus game may only be activated when a full stacked wild appears on reel 3 during the main games of the Scarface pokie. When this occurs, players are diverted to a separate screen whereby they will be confronted with the final scene of the Scarface movie. In this mini off the reels Scarface pokie mini game, players will be playing Tony Montana helping him to shoot down the killers which are after him. The players will be provided with either bullets or grenades and by clicking on the grid path from which the killers are approaching, it will be up to them to shoot down as many as they can. Being a Scarface pokie game, any successful kill will be awarded with a series of bonus coins. This Scarface pokie bonus game will then end when Tony is shot down. All the winnings obtained from this mini bonus game will then be totalled at the end of the feature and added to players’ balances. The maximum possible win is that of eight thousand coins.

It is no wonder why this particular game has become among the most popular. It not only provides a series of entertaining features but it also enables players to win large sums in a short period of time. Bring this motion picture to life is one of the many successes which Netent have produced. So much so that players are now able to experience this New Zealand casino pokie in two modes; fun and real.