Starburst Pokie

A best New Zealand casino is defined as having some of the best New Zealand live casino and of course the virtual games which utilise state of the art technology, animation and graphics. In fact it is such games which have attracted the attention of players from all over New Zealand. Due to the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to land based casinos, purposely designed games have been adapted to suit the inabilities of online play. Therefore it is up to this informative website to describe the reasons why such games are among the best by giving a full description of each one of the most popular and sought after online casino games.

A New Zealand casino allows for the endless access of some of the most world famous pokies in the industry. Such is the case that one of the most popular and best New Zealand casino pokie to date would have to be the Starburst pokie. The Starburst pokie is a perfect example of the combination of both a classic and video pokie. The main difference between these two types of online pokies is in the method in which they have been designed and developed. In classic slots, they follow the original idea of fruit machines which were first introduced by a man called Frey in the 1800s. Although these types of games have been adapted to suit online technology they still include the classic handle bar set up and symbols such as the Liberty Bell and fruit. On the other hand, video slots are purposely designed for online play alone and comprise of animation and graphics which are compatible via internet use. The Starburst pokie (although it does not include the fruit symbols) does is in fact composed of features best to both forms of pokies. But before being able to describe in further detail the composition of the Starburst pokie, one must first understand its concept and originality. Having been created by one of the leading software designers in the online gaming industry, the Starburst pokie comprises of a unique theme unlike any other found in other pokies. It is based on a series of star-like gems which, when combined, can reveal a large range of bonus amounts. Among the various symbols one can find lining the reels of the Starburst pokie include different coloured gems; purple, yellow, blue, orange and green as well as the classic pokie symbols of the BAR and lucky seven. In order to achieve the best possible combinations, the Starburst pokie comprises of five reels and three rows from which online casino players may select to play one to ten bet lines at different bet levels and at a coin value which suits them the most. However it is always recommended that for players playing the Starburst pokie, one must place the maximum possible bets. In fact in order to help players in doing so when engaging in the Starburst pokie, Netent has added on an option called the ‘max bet’. This option is located at the bottom of the main Starburst pokie screen right next to the ‘spin’ button. When selected, this in turn will set the reels automatically spinning at the highest bet level and lines available in the Starburst pokie. This may be an option selected instead of manually engaging these features and clicking on the ‘spin’. But this is not all that the Starburst pokie has to offer its players. As is the case with all Netent creations, the Starburst includes additional features which cannot be found elsewhere.

One of the original features of the Starburst pokie is the Starburst pokie wilds. These symbols come in the form of a multi-coloured gem combining all the colours of the other symbols into one. The Starburst pokie wild symbols may only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and once they have appeared, they will automatically trigger the Starburst pokie wild feature. One this occurs, these symbols will immediately expand to cover the whole reel on which it has appeared and stick into place while the rest of the reels are given a second chance to re-spin. One must remember however that when this Starburst pokie feature has been enabled, that the reels are re-spun at the same bet level and lines as the original spin which activated it. Therefore it is once again important for players to place the highest possible bets whenever able. Then once there are no new Starburst pokie wild symbols which re-appear, the feature will automatically end and players may resume in playing the main game once again. A maximum of two additional Starburst pokie wild symbols may re-appear giving the reels a maximum of three additional re-spins.

It is understandable that the above mentioned information may seem too much to take in all at once. However Netent and the online casino providers have come up with a solution of players putting into practice all that has been said before committing to real money play. The way in which this is made possible is thanks to the free mode of play. This mode will entitle players to practice and better acquaint themselves with pokies such as this one with a substantial amount of free credit allocated to the game. With a good internet access and one simple click of a mouse button, potential Starburst players can activate all the features and engulf themselves in the world of pokies. Then, once they have decided that this game is in fact the right game for them, they may proceed in creating a casino account (if one does not exist already) and begin winning real money. So, one must note that although the free mode is a perfect way of enabling the various possibilities this game and others have to offer, none of the winnings may be cashed out or transferred. But do not only take our word for it. Thanks to this informative website, the necessary links to the right and best New Zealand casino websites and games have been provided in order for players to see and try out for themselves.